Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another Manic Tuesday....

I guess it might as be a Monday.

Despite the parasite and being thrown up on for a week, I am down (weight wise).  The scale varies but it is down and my pants are fitting better.  Reminder:  I need to get new batteries for the scale.  We finally got the medicine to kill said parasite into little E and hopefully she is on the mend.  The drug had to be compounded into syrup for her to take.  We had to wait a day for the pharmacy to order the ingredients.  Hopefully the Giardia parasite is gone.  No one else is sick that I know of... random parasite.  Thankfully it was only one dose.

On a side note: the name I choose for E was Giada.  Fred commented that he is glad we chose Emma because it was so to Giardia.  Nothing like naming your child after a parasite.

E and her friend her running around playing in the sun yesterday.  N is moving to Chi soon :(  Her other best friend George just moved to Mexico.  As her friends are leaving, I thought it would be the best time to move her school.  E was accepted into our top choice of private schools.  There were 25 spots and 75 applicants.  She is so looking forward to go to pre-K this fall and hopefully, this will be the school she graduates from high school.

Its been about 3 months post-surgery.  I'm doing better than expected and my only wish is that  I would have had it sooner.  I have this funny little shaped dent in my head but as long as I don't shave my head, no one will ever see it.  The skin is still tight around the suture but all in all, I feel great.

The Disney Princess Half Marathon is in February and I have been busy training for that, busy sewing, and busy being thrown up on.  Maybe one day, I will sleep.   Ahh, the life of a working mom.  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting Away From It All

My version of heaven!

The memories of walking around the mall while drinking an orange julius makes me smile.  Back then, they served these vanilla ice cream dipped pops in chopped nuts.  Yum.  Well, our newly built Dairy Queen is part Orange Julius.  Yum.

And then I looked up the calorie content of a large, 470 calories.  No more orange julius for this gal.

I did ok today as part of my pre-diet.  No candy.  No ice cream.  Its progress.  My book is not getting here until next week, thanks amazon.  But I will add the kefir dairy to my diet this weekend as I will finally have the time to go grocery shopping.

My scale broke so that is another thing I need to get.  Sometimes I do think this having a full time job is over rated.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And Onward I go.

Been gone for a long while, got so much to want to blog about but hardly any time.  Our child was accepted into the first choice of our private school and we decided to enroll for the the next academic year which also meant me returning to work to pay for said year.  I lost my desire to sew for a month but recently found my spark to Sew On!  And as soon as I decided to exit from the sewing world, I sell two more items on etsy.  So is life :)

This is not my child but my work.  Isn't she beautiful?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 weeks ago...

Two weeks ago (on Tuesday), I wanted to run out of the hospital and hide.  Fred had push me into the elevator.  I checked in for surgery.  The nurse had a hard time putting in the IV.  I lucked out.   I got the same anesthesiologist that preformed my epidural.  Yay!  I knew I was in good hands.

I guess I was in surgery for about 2 hours.  I didn't have a loop (which is what we were hoping for).   I had a blood vessel that the nerve turned around.  He cut the blood vessel and then sliced the nerve for good measure (partial rhizotomy).  

Recovery has been slower than what I wanted but I'm impatient.  For the first week, I got winded doing nothing.  Washing my hair was a pain because I was not allowed to get the wound wet.  Fred had to help me wash my hair over the bath tub.  Dry shampoo only does so much.  

I got the staples taken out.  The ones at the base of my neck itched.  It was sweet relief when the nurse took them out.  The wound is a little red but no infection.  

I was finally able to wash my hair 16 days after surgery.  A hot shower and good head scrubbing never felt so good.  Yay!  I did a little dance in the shower.

I have random numbness on the right side of my face.  My body is adjusting to this being my new normal.  Everything feels tight so this is what a face life must feel like.   I am cleared to drive at the 3 week mark - I'm still easing into my day.  If I sweep the living, I get winded but I'm doing great.

The best part?   I have no pain.  This whole procedure was worth this.  The drugs are finally leaving my system and I'm returning to be the woman I was 3 years ago.  The bitterness is gone.  The fog is gone.  I'm looking forward to a whole new chapter in my life.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Easy shred chicken

I loved the ease of shredded chicken, tacos, soups, enchiladas but I hate actually shredding chicken.  My friend, Karen, told me how she shreds her chicken in her stand up mixer with her paddle attachment.  Easy peasy and no burns.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Permission to do nothing

Kipper (our weeine dogs) keeps pacing back and forth.  She knows something is wrong.  The little child (Emma) is off to school but it was Fred that drove Emma.  I'm sluggishly awaking - stumbling to the kitchen to take my Amour Thyroid.  Its Monday, so I need to take 2.  I have another hour before I can take any more medicines or eat.  I managed to Kipper her antibiotic so the day has been a success.

The house is utterly quiet and I'm not a morning person anyways.  I put on a pot of coffee and then proceed to pour half the pot out with my cup.  We have had this coffee make for the last three years and I still can't pour myself a cup without spilling it.

Like Kipper, my mind is pacing with a million things I could be doing.  At this given time, I have about 10 lists of things: grocery store, costco, stuff to organize, stuff to make, stuff to blog, stuff to clean.  I get dizzy from just the thought of what I can accomplish during my recovery time.  Its Spring, and the yard suffered from last year's drought.  Seriously, its going to take about $1,000 worth of sod to keep it off of the HOA's mailing list.

As I try to gain composure, and look at the mess of the house, I decide to give myself permission to do nothing.  Today, I will relax and mend.  Tomorrow too.  Those piles were there for me before last Tuesday (surgery day) and they can stay.  I think they are at peace with themselves or at least I'm at peace with myself.