Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I had a bad run....

Forgot to start dinner in the crock pot so we decided to go out to eat.  We had the slowest waitress in the world.  She was nice but s l o w.  It was slower than watching paint dry.  Came home and try to do an hour and fifteen minute run.

I didn't hydrate enough and 30 minutes into it, I knew it.  I could feel the fajitas just sitting in my stomach so I walked the majority of it.  It was hot, my compression shorts were chaffing me and since I started running and then starting walking, I was a hot sweaty mess.  I got through my 95 minutes of hell.  I was questioning if I really wanted to run 13.1 run miles in January.   I wanted to cry when I got home.  I was thinking why do I even think I'm a runner?

And then this morning something happened.  Someone who sees me once at week at WW (Weight Watchers) asked me "did you lose more weight?".  Today isn't WW day.  According to my scale, I'm down but not enough for anyone to notice.  My pants are longer, they now cover my toes.  I think the scale is the way it is because I am holding fluids.  I woke twice last night wanting water.  And now, I'm over it.  I'm over the piss poor run which was mostly my fault for lack of planning.  I will run again.  Stronger.  Harder.  Longer.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Make Yourself Proud

Tonight's goal is 1 hour 15 minutes
I was dying at 50 minutes
This will be my mantra.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why do I run?

Why do I run?  At the start in February, it wasn't fun at all.  I did the C25K program and I recommend it.  It was cold and my nose would run.  It hurt.  I didn't go very fast and I couldn't run for 60 seconds and I felt like failure.  A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia.  I felt hot, burning, electric shocks throughout of my face on the right hand side.  TN has been called the most painful pain know to medicine.  I survived my TN attacks and and I could survive my body moaning about running.

At the onset, my skin itched (from not being active) and my sides hurt.  Luckily, I skipped the whole shin splint thing.  I got blisters and once I started running over 5 minutes, I finally broke down and bought a decent pair of running shoes and a good bra.  I have had bad runs and good runs.  My calves hurting is nothing like the TN pain.  If I have pain somewhere else than my face, it is a good day.  Coming in and smelling of sweat (running in Houston in 90 degree weather at 9 pm at night) is much better than being curled in a fetal position because the pain is so intense and swift and you are afraid of your next attack.

Now, I run to cope with the unfairness of it all.  I think TN should be given as a punishment to some criminals.  When my feet hit the pavement, I lose myself into the music and just go.  I'm not very fast and I have short little legs so I won't win a marathon but I'm running the marathon.  Running is my way of dealing with TN.  TN will never go away, there is no cure and since its not a sexy disease, there is not going to be a cure soon.  My best option is to deal with the pain.

TN is nicknamed the suicide disease because people do take their own lives.  I get why they do it since many more have it much worse than I do.  They get tired of being pushed around by doctors, drugged, cut into and then they still find no relief.  When I read the nicknamed, I was determined to keep going and to fight.  Exercising is nature's cure for depression.  Like the quote says, "I don't know how to give up" because I really can't give up.  Giving up isn't an option so I run.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Party Dress

I had a hard time finding the perfect dress for Emma's 3 year pictures.  Either they were too babyish, had too many ruffles, too plain or just the wrong colors.  I wanted something that screamed summer.  The Cottage Home has many wonderful tutorials and I made Emma "The Party Dress".

Fabric was purchased at JoAnn Fabric.  I used approx. 1 3/4 yards for the main fabric.  I made her a size 4 (which she wears in tops).  I would have added a bit more fabric in the front.  I think the 1" dritz buttons would have worked.  Being the procrastinator that I'm, I found out that my 1 3/4 inch buttons were too big the night before the photo shoot.  The dress isn't buttoned in the back but that is my secret.

The tutorial was great and easy to follow.  The bottom edge was a bit too long so I would have measured the edge of the dress (the bottom blue sash).  I had an issue with putting the shoulder seams together.  I think if you press in the the opening on the arm holes first and then do the shoulder seams it would be a lot easier.  Also, I think the next one I'm going to top stitch around the neck and the arm holes but the tutorial was great.  I did make the bodice first because that seemed like the hardest part.  I figured if I could the bodice, I could do the skirt.  I love how there is an opening in the back (the sash covers it) it make it easier to get on and off.  I see a lot more of these dresses in my sewing future.

Pictures are by Aimee Fuller -  She is in Pearland and has the equipment to do indoor sessions.  No, we aren't related and yes, I'm a paying client.


Rather than aiming at being perfect, just aim to be a bit better today than you were yesterday. -
July 19, 2011

Where I'm at:
SW (starting weight) - 197
CW (current weight) - 177
Bust - 41 inches (-4 inches)
Waist - 34 inches
Hips - 42 inches
Dress Size - 12 US

4 mile run @ 1 hour (which is great considering it was probably 95 degrees when I ran)

This is where I started

January 2011 - 197 pounds
Bust - 45 inches
Waist - 38 inches
Hips - 45 inches
Dress Size - 16 US

Started Couch to 5k program in Feb 2011 - the 60 second runs hurt

I did the 8 minute running day a few times.

May 2011 - 5k - Pearland Fun Run - 50 mins
June 2011 - Beach to Bay 5k (I think) - 50 mins
July 2011 - Heat Wave Run 5 mile - 1 hr 20 min