Monday, February 20, 2012

Lean on me

I have always been the person to come running to the rescue.  Let me watch the kids, clean the house, fix you a meal or just sit there when you don't want to be alone but don't want to speak.  Its hard having the roles reversed.

A wonderful friend is going to turn her life upside down for a few days and watch E while I'm the hospital.  She is rearranging her schedule to get E to and from school, and their sleep arrangements.  Her daughter, N and E have been friends since there were 6 months.  N and E think its going to be some sort of vacation but I know she and her husband still have carry out the mundane tasks of life.  Its gets a little bit tricky since they are vegans and E is not.  She loves her chicken and fish.  

But to have someone just rearrange their life for you for a few days is beyond moving.  It brought me to tears.  Yes, I'm worried that E might have a massive tantrum because she wanted yellow cheese and not white cheese and the girls have already gotten into WWE wrestling over a barrette.  I am not idealizing the situation where both girls would be ready for bed at the same time and share because "Sharing is Caring".  To take another 3 year old is a daunting task.

Its wonderful to know that not only do I have awesome friends who would take E and care and love for her but I have others who will bring us food, watch E or even run to the store.  It doesn't help that we live out in the boonies either.

It seems like all of this is coming together.  Maybe this is my sign that I'm headed into the right direction.

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